Actually, our names are Gianpiero and Stefania, and yes, you guessed it… We’re not just business partners – we’re partners in life too.

We have a few things in common, but one stands out more than others: we love film making. For a long time we’ve felt that videos add a dimension to story-telling that no other medium can give you. We pondered over the idea of filming for other people for quite a while; until 2012, when we finally decided to bring this dream and project to life.

That’s how “Origami” was born – a videography service for people that want to tell their stories and those who want to make a memory everlasting.

As handy as they are in spontaneously capturing moments, the mobile devices of today can’t give you the passion and creativity that fuels the work of a professional videographer. Our work is the antithesis of the current trends that allow people to snap or film, save on their device, and then either delete or forget that that video has even been shot…

Our videos delves deep into your story, capturing the details and the nuances of your reality; they translate your message in a visual way that stands the test of time.



videomaker / Final Cut guru / Stefania’s husband

cinema, playing guitar, sleeping, coffee, martial arts, Hong Kong, photography, all things Apple & Mac, Murakami



assistant / second shooter / professional emailer / Gianpiero’s wife

books, tea, foreign languages, yoga, chatting, Instagram, stationery, Tokyo, Ikea

We Japan, travelling, ice-cream, Netflix, karaoke, pizza, long walks, cappuccino, Studio Ghibli, mid-afternoon snacks, Moomin

Are you getting married?
Head over to our wedding portfolio to show you examples of our work.

Are you a couple or a family?
Have you ever thought of having a video capturing a small chapter of your daily life?
Here’s a few videos of families who have already done it.

Are you an artisan, an entrepreneur or a small business owner?
On our Storytelling portfolio you’ll find examples of our commercial films, hoping they will inspire and encourage you to use video to tell your story.

Do you have a new idea and you feel you could really benefit from having a professional video?
We love to chat about new projects! So get in touch with us now and tell us more about your idea.

Have you decided you don’t need a video?
We love you regardless! But if you change your mind, you know where to find us 🙂


We love to take you through the creative process of making a video, from the initial idea to the delivered product. We love to get involved; we want to get to know you, listen to your ideas and propose ours; but more importantly, we love to figure out, together, the best way to express you and the message you want to convey.

So don’t be shy… get us involved!