Love & Family Video

Family life is dynamic. We love the hugs, the games and the looks that flow between partners, between children and their parents… Our Love & Family videos are spontaneous recordings of this – of those dynamic moments of your day-to-day life.

We capture moving images of your gestures, your voices, your smiles and the laughter, so that in the years to come you will always have a tangible memory of the kind of family you are today.

Our favourite places to film couple and family sessions are at your home and in a public place you’re familiar with. We know it’s hard to be spontaneous when you have a camera pointing at you; so we always aim to give you some time to get used to us. Once you are, all we ask is for you to try and be yourselves, so that we can film your family in the most natural way.

And then, once we’re back to our editing suite, we select the best footage and the right soundtrack, making sure to preserve the sound of your voices for a video that is both beautifully edited and heartfelt at the same time.